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Online Learning

CLIA’s online learning courses are interactive, insightful, and packed with information that will help you take your career to the next level! Most of these courses can be completed in approximately 30 minutes at your desk or in your living room, on your own schedule. This members-only benefit could earn you 10 credits per course towards your CLIA Certification as well as provide the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in your work. Be sure you enroll in CLIA's Certification Program to get the most return for your time and money! Browse our online learning courses, then simply click on the course of your choosing to review its description and enroll.

How Do I Purchase a Course or Take a Live Seminar Quiz?

  • Go to the Online Learning Course catalog to purchase a course; or if you have taken a live seminar, go to the Live Seminar Quiz catalog.
  • Click on the course you wish to purchase or quiz that you wish to take. You will be redirected to log into you MyCLIA account. If you do not have an account, you can set one up once redirected.
  • Add the course or quiz to your cart and process your payment. If you are taking a live seminar quiz, your cart balance will be $0.00.
  • Go to the My Training tab in your MyCLIA account to review your purchased courses or quizzes.
  • Click the hyperlink of the name of your course or quiz and you will be directed to complete it.

How Do I Get My Credits?

Once you complete an online learning course and pass the quiz, you earn 10 credits which can be used toward your CLIA Certification. Upon completion of the quiz, your score will be visible under the My Training tab in your MyCLIA account.

We hope you will check back often to see exciting new course titles!

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