Membership Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

Below are commonly asked member questions.  We hope this helps you find the answers you need.  If the information you are looking for is not below, please feel free to email us at or call us at 202.759-9370.

Are you having trouble enrolling as an Individual Agent Member? Watch our short how-to video:

Help!  My Account Has Been Disabled

Accounts are disabled after three (3) incorrect login attempts.  To have your account enabled, please send an email to with your full name, Personal CLIA ID# and daytime contact information.  Once your account has been enabled, you will receive a response to your email confirming this action.

I Can’t Remember My Password

Please click on “Forgot User Name or Password?” on the MyCLIA login page.  A temporary password will be sent via email. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE YOUR TEMPORARY PASSWORD.  You must manually input the temporary password sent to you or your account will be disabled. 

Help!  I can’t print my quiz/course results; or I can’t see my score/name on the results!

We are currently working on resolving this matter with our technical team. Rest assured that we have your score in our database and you do not need to print the results to submit with your logbook.

Help!  I tried to access my course/quiz and I’m getting “Access Denied.”

Take these following steps:

  1. Clear your browsing history (cache and cookies)
  2. Close your browser completely and restart
  3. Make sure your pop up blocker is turned off
  4. Try a different browser

If you’ve taken these steps and you still cannot access your course, we will continue working with you on troubleshooting the matter to get you access as soon as possible.

I Am Having Trouble Navigating or Viewing Your Website on My Computer

For optimal viewing and navigation, our website works best with Google ChromeMozilla Firefox or the latest version of Internet Explorer.     

What Are Membership Service Hours?

Membership Service Representatives are available Monday – Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Time (US). Call 202.759.9370 or send an email to

Where Is My Agency Kit?

Travel Agency Members will receive a hard copy CLIA Agency Kit which includes Travel Agency Certificate.  You can expect to receive your membership kit within 3 weeks of your processed application.   

Individual Agent Members will receive an EMBARC ID only. - Electronic version (PDF) of an IAM certificate can be provided upon request.

Will There Be a Course Required for 2017 Individual Agent Membership?

The State of the Industry course and exam will be available by February 2017. Additional information to come in early January. This course will be updated annually and you must take it every year upon enrolling as a CLIA member.

What Are the Requirements for The Picture I Upload During Enrollment or Id Card Ordering?

The photo should be a headshot with a white or off-white background. It should be a JPEG file at a recommended 180 x 180 pixels. 

Replacement EMBARC ID

The EMBARC ID is non-transferable and non-refundable. If the card is lost or if you wish to make changes to it, a $29 processing fee applies to replace or revise the card after it has been issued. Please contact a Member Service Representative at 202.759.9370 to assist with the replacement card order.

I Signed Up for Travel Agency Membership but How Do I Get My Free Individual Agent Membership (IAM)?

All CLIA Travel Agency Members receive one (1) complimentary Individual Agent Membership.  After Agency enrollment is completed, you will receive an email with a promo code redeemable for your free Individual Agent Membership (IAM).  Please check your spam filters if you do not receive the email in 48 hours after enrollment confirmation.

  • Upon receiving your promo code, login to the MyCLIA Page.  
  • Under Quick Links located at the top, right-hand side of the page, click on “Join/Renew or Continue Membership Application.” 
  • Complete the Individual Agent Membership application.
  • Once it is time to pay for your membership, you can input your promo code.

I Am a Travel Agency Owner/Administrator - How Do I Approve My Agents for Membership?

To approve your agents for Individual Agent Membership:

  • From the My CLIA home page, go to the “Manage” section and click on “My Company Profile.”
  • Next, choose your agency by selecting the radio button next your agency name and click “Submit”.
  • Scroll down to view “Pending Agent Memberships” and select approve or deny besides each name.
  • FYI – scrolling down a bit further will show you “Company Personnel” and everyone who is showing as affiliated with your agency. You may see duplicate names and/or odd “dues paid thru” dates.   You do NOT need to update this list as we are working to resolve this issue.

Agent Quick Finder 

To quickly locate find an individual on the “Company Personnel” list, simultaneously hold down CTRL + F to open a search field. Type any name to begin the search.

Auto Approval of Individual Agent Members 

To auto-approve pending Individual Agent Memberships, check “Auto Approve Agent Applications” and click “Submit.”