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CLIA Travel Agency Membership Overview

CLIA Travel Agency Membership is an investment in your agency’s success. Membership raises your professional credibility and reputation within the leisure travel industry and is designed to help you navigate the cruise industry, retain talent, attract more clients and increase your earnings.

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Grow Your Business; Increase Your Revenue

CLIA offers a variety of resources and benefits to help you grow your business and increase your revenue.

  • One (1) Complimentary Individual Agent Membership: Your agency can designate one agent to receive CLIA member benefits as an Individual Agent Member, a value of $115.
  • Booking Credentials: Your CLIA Industry ID Number is your key to booking directly with our Cruise Line Members and Executive Partners.
  • Cruise Finder: Access ship information, itineraries, onboard amenities and programs and more across CLIA’s Cruise Lines.
  • Commissions and travel perks: Bonus commissions and personal travel discounts from Cruise Lines and Executive Partners.  
  • Professional Development: Complementing your agency and cruise line educational programs, CLIA’s professional development helps you keep your skills polished. With CLIA certification and certificate programs, instructor-led training, professional development events and online courses, CLIA provides a host of opportunities to take your career to the next level. 
  • Agent Finder: Travel Agency Membership includes a listing on CLIA’s online Agent Finder, promoting your agency to consumers looking for knowledgeable and reliable cruise-focused travel professionals.
  • Cruise tv: Engaging and informative videos you can share directly with your clients, through social media or email.
  • Attract and retain top-producing agents: Grow your bottom line by attracting and retaining top-producing travel professionals. One of the best benefits you can provide your agents is the ability to join CLIA as Individual Agent Members. Remember, agents cannot join CLIA unless their agency is a current member.

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