Why Join CLIA?

As the global cruise industry trade association, we leverage our relationships with our Cruise Line Members, Executive Partners and the travel community to provide you, our Travel Agency Members and Individual Agent Members, with the best benefits, tools and resources to navigate the cruise industry, attract more clients and increase your earnings.

Being a member of CLIA differentiates me from other agents who are not members. It says to my clients that I am recognized by the cruise industry as a professional in my field—and my clients deserve nothing but excellence!
      – Gail McLeod, MCC, Cruise Planners

CLIA Travel Agency & Individual Agent Membership:

  • Establishes you as a cruise travel authority in the eyes of consumers.
  • Provides instant industry recognition with the CLIA Industry ID Number (agency) and the CLIA EMBARC ID (agent).
  • Affords you access to Cruise Line Member and Executive Partner commission opportunities and training.
  • Offers professional development opportunities through comprehensive training, certificates and certification.
  • Rewards you with exclusive personal travel perks and discounts.

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