The Research Center

Welcome to CLIA’s Research Center. CLIA conducts and publishes a variety of market research and economic studies which provide valuable insight relative to demographics, vacationing habits, interests of repeat cruisers and cruise prospects as well as the overall contribution the Cruise Industry makes to the economy. In addition, research and statistical data on the industry is compiled and reported quarterly and annually.

Research, data, studies are compiled by CLIA’s Research Staff and commissioned from independent third parties.

2017 CLIA State of the Industry
2016 Annual Report
2016 CLIA State of the Industry
2015 Annual Report
Travel Agent Cruise Industry Outlook Report

Asia Cruise Trends

Asia Cruise Trends 2017
Asia Cruise Trends 2016
Asia Cruise Trends 2014

Operational Incidents Report

Report on Operational Incidents, 2009 to 2016

Environmental Reports

2017 Evaluation of Cruise Industry Global Environmental Practices and Performance
2016 Environment Sustainability Report
2016 Cruise Industry Environment Infographic

Consumer Research

September 2017 Cruise Industry Consumer Outlook Infographic
April 2017 Cruise Industry Consumer Outlook Infographic
2014 North American Cruise Market Profile
2017 Cruise Travel Report

Market Reports

2016 Year in Review
2015 Year in Review
2014 Year in Review 
UK & Ireland Cruise Review 2016
UK & Ireland Cruise Review 2014
Contribution of Cruise Tourism to the Economies of Europe 2015
Europe Statistics and Markets 2016
Europe Statistics and Markets 2015 
Europe Statistics and Markets 2014
Australia Market Report 2016
Australia Market Report 2015
Australia Market Report 2014
New Zealand Market Report 2015
New Zealand Market Report 2014
France River Cruise Study: English