Global Cruise Industry Announces Support of Paris MOU’s Focus on Passenger Ship Safety in 2013

Dec 20, 2012

Washington, DC — December 20, 2012 — On behalf of the global cruise industry, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) today announced its support of the Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control’s (MOU) Harmonised Verification Programme (HAVEP), through which its 27 member States will provide focused attention on passenger ship safety throughout the 2013 calendar year. During the HAVEP, Port State Control Officers will inspect passenger ships and witness a number of emergency drills and scenarios on operational controls that govern the safe operation of passenger vessels. The Paris MOU is a system of harmonized inspection procedures implemented by 27 participating maritime Administrations and covers inspection activities in the waters of the European coastal States and the North Atlantic basin from North America to Europe.

“The global cruise industry welcomes the Paris MOU’s focus on passenger ship safety in 2013 through HAVEP, as the safety of passengers and crewmembers is the cruise industry’s number one priority,” said Bud Darr, vice president, technical and regulatory affairs, CLIA. “Through HAVEP, crewmembers will have additional opportunities to showcase their preparation for emergency situations in addition to demonstrating the extensive knowledge and training through the conduct of comprehensive drills which are already required by both international and national laws and industry procedures and policies.”

“Every aspect of the cruise industry is heavily regulated and cruise shipping has a long track record as one of the safest forms of vacation travel,” said Rob Ashdown, Director, Technical, Environment & Operations, CLIA Europe. “The industry is subject to a rigorous inspection regime and regularly monitored under international and EU law. As an industry that is both confident and transparent in our safety procedures we very much welcome this new programme of inspections and look forward to maintaining our co-operation with the Member States of the Paris MOU to help ensure that cruise ships continue to meet the highest safety standards.”

The global cruise industry is committed to continually reviewing operational safety protocols and procedures to further improve safety, as evidenced by the ongoing Global Cruise Industry Operational Safety Review, a comprehensive assessment of the critical human factors and operational aspects of maritime safety. Every aspect of the cruise experience is heavily regulated and monitored under both U.S. and international maritime law. Due to the industry’s commitment to safety, backed up by strict regulations, vigorous enforcement mechanisms and initiatives such as HAVEP, cruising is the safest form of leisure transportation.

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