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If travel is meant to be savored, then crossing the oceans should be a majestic experience, not merely a hop across the pond. For travelers of this persuasion, only one name evokes the pleasures of The New Golden Age of Ocean Travel: Cunard Line. Proudly continuing the tradition of luxury cruising that began in 1840, Cunard's ships maintain the Line's legacy and heritage. Flagship Queen Mary 2 is the only ship offering regularly scheduled... read more

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An Antarctic cruise may not provide ideal conditions for sunbathing on deck, but there is nothing quite like it for adventurous souls who yearn to see and experience the beauty and spectacle of Earth's most remote and unspoiled place. A cruise to the great "White Continent" also provides unique opportunities for face-to-face encounters with the wildlife that dwell in this icy realm, including gentoo and chinstrap penguins; crabeater, Weddell and leopard seals; humpback and killer whales; and kelp gulls and nesting Antarctic terns.

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