CLIA Institute Track at cruise3sixty

cruise3sixty Credits

Earn upto 160 CLIA Certified Counsellor Credits at cruise3sixty 2015 in Ft. Lauderdalel

Travel agents actively enrolled in CLIA's Cruise Counsellor Certification program can earn valuable Cerification credits to "Fast-Track" their designation as either an Accredited (ACC) or Master (MCC) Cruise Counsellor.


  • Attending 1-Hour CLIA Seminars -10 Credits Per CLIA Seminar
    • 5 CLIA Seminars Offered
    • Up to 50 Credits
  • Attending Cruise Line Showcases -10 Credits Per Showcase
    • 5 Showcases Offered
    • Up to 50 Credits
  • Trade Show Attendance; 10 Credits Per Trade Show Day
    • Two-Day Trade Show
    • Up to 20 Credits
  • cruise3sixty Experience Credit; 40 credits (applied for agent registration)
  • Ship Inspections
    • Agents can register for One Inspection Per Day
    • Up to 4 Inspections Per Agent

Up to 160 potential credits availabale

Why Attend?

The Cruise Lines International Assocation (CLIA) is hosting cruise3sixty, April 22-26,2015 at the Broward County Convetion Center.

cruise3sixty recognizes the tremendous success of the cruise vacation industry and, most importantly, our incredible partnership with the travel agent community. The program will combine the best elements of a travel show with business, educational and professional development, networking and evening entertainment cruise3sixty is the only "MUST ATTEND" cruise event of 2015!

2,000 travel agents, cruise line and travel industry executives attendded cruise3sixty 2014. Join us at cruise3sixty in April 2015!

5 Top Reasons to Attend

  • Experience the vacation before you sell at our Ship Inspection Tours
  • Accelerate your CLIA education with the cruise3sixty institute Track
  • Diversify yourself with the knowledge from our large selection of Product and Destination Workshops
  • Meet hundreds of top cruise lines, destinations and service providers at the famous cruise3sixty Trade Show
  • Raise your profile in the industry and network at any of our social events

Who Attends?

From new agents to seasoned professional, cruise3sixty welcomes all travel agents interested in selling cruises. By providing programming components such as; Educational CLIA Seminars, Onboard Ship Inspections, Cruise Line Product Updates, Technology Training Workshop Center, Product and Destination Workshops, Two-day Trade Show, peer2pier Appointments and FAM Trips, cruise3sixty assures there is something for everyone.

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