CLIA Institute Track at cruise3sixty

Institute Track Requirements


  • Completing three (3) one hour CLIA Seminars - 30 Credits
  • Attendance at the cruise3sixty conference - 20 Credits
  • Completion of Institute Track of Programming.  Attend your choice of the following educational sessions at cruise3sixty. You may choose ANY combination. A total of three (3) is required. - 50 Credits
    • Hands-on learning event in the American Express Technology Center
    • Cruise Line Booking Demo(s)
    • Product and Destination Workshop(s)
    • Cruise Line Product Update(s)
  • Attendance both days at the cruise3sixty Trade Show.

Summary of Activities Required to Earn Base Certifications of 100

  • 3 One Hour CLIA Seminars = 30 Credits
  • Conference Attendance = 20 Credits
  • Institute Track Completion = 50 Credits
  • TOTAL = 100 Credits

Optional/Additional Seminar Credits:

Earn up to 150 by taking additional CLIA Seminars.  Five more 1 hour CLIA Seminars may be taken for an additional 10 credits each (or 50 total).

The Institute Track registration is limited to those agents who are presently enrolled  in either ACC or MCC Certification

Fast Track Your Certification by Enrolling in the Institute Track at cruise3sixty.

You can earn more than 150 Certification Credits in a Fraction of the Time at a Fraction of the Cost!

The Institute Track is a defined track of educational and conference programming at CLIA’s cruise3sixty conference. Travel agents actively enrolled in CLIA's Cruise Counsellor Certification program can earn valuable Certification credits to "Fast-Track" their progress toward becoming an Accredited (ACC) or Master (MCC) Cruise Counsellor.

At this year’s cruise3sixty CLIA is introducing 10 brand new 1 hour training seminars and all are worth 10 Certification Credits!

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To earn the Institute Track Certification Credits, qualified agents must register for the Institute Track in advance via the cruise3sixty website.