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Facts about CLIA

Mission Statement:
CLIA’s mission is to promote policies and practices that foster a safe, secure and healthy cruise ship environment, educate and train its travel agent members and promote and explain the value, desirability and affordability of the cruise vacation experience.


CLIA Global
  • Didier Scaillet – Vice President, Business Development
  • Mike McGarry – Senior Vice President, Public Affairs
  • Bud Darr – Senior Vice President, Technical and Regulatory Affairs

Technical and Regulatory Staff (CLIA Global)
  • Rob Griffiths – Director of Technical and Regulatory Affairs, Design and Engineering
  • Kim Hall – Director of Technical and Regulatory Affairs, Operational and Security

Marketing and Trade Relations (North America)
  • Lorri Christou Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing
  • Linda Parrotta – Director, Marketing
  • Louise Batista – Manager, Events and Partnerships Public Affairs (North America)

Finance and Shared Services (CLIA Global)
  • Tom Fischetti – CFO
  • Ann Dailey – Controller

North West & Canada
  • Greg Wirtz – President

CLIA Alaska
  • John Binkley – President

CLIA Europe
  • Robert Ashdown – Secretary General

CLIA UK & Ireland
  • Andy Harmer – Director

CLIA Australasia
  • Brett Jardine – General Manager

Public Relations

V. Tom Gardner
Manager, Public Relations
Travel Industry & Marketing Issues
Tel: 202-759-9326
Cell: 703-628-7389

Offices :

North America Office 910 SE 17th St• Suite 400 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
Global Corporate Headquarters 2111 Wilson Blvd • 8th Floor Arlington, VA 22201
Main: +1.754.444.2542 • Toll-free: +1.855.444.2542 • Fax: +1.754.224.2250