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Interviews with our Cruise Line and Executive Partner Members.

Elisabetta De Nardo, Director Port & Destination Operations, Silversea Cruises, Chairwoman, CLIA Europe Port & Destination Sub-Committee

Please describe your position and role in the cruise industry.

I sometimes struggle to explain how complicated my position is and what the role of a Port & Destination Director means.

The cruise industry is growing rapidly, adding new amazing destinations, new excursions with increasing frequency, and building new ships with designs that make some terminals’ existing infrastructure obsolete.

The challenge for cruise ports and cruise companies to become increasingly productive and capture their share of the expanding market is never ending, requiring constant upgrades to all infrastructure of terminals and employing innovative methods of processing passengers. We are there to care for our passengers as well as help ports improve these operational processes. Learn More...

Eleni P. Kalisch, Vice President, Government Relations, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Please describe your position and role in the cruise industry.

As Vice President of Government Relations for Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., I am responsible for representing the interests of our brands in legislative and regulatory matters with the U. S. Federal government, each of the 50 State governments, and the Canadian government. I work closely with the Government Relations representatives of other cruise lines, and with CLIA, to ensure that our voice is heard on matters impacting our policies, procedures and operations. I believe it is critical to our success as an industry that we develop and maintain positive working relationships with lawmakers so that they can advocate on our behalf when needed. A significant part of my job is cultivating those relationships. Learn More...